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Help Me! What tomato should I grow?

big beef green tomato

What is your favorite type of tomato? Is it a little cherry tomato? Before you decide on what tomato to grow, you should know that tomatoes come in all shapes, sizes, and requirements. Let’s run through some things to consider.

Things To Consider

  1. How much space is available?
  2. Are you planting in the ground or in a pot?
  3. How much lighting is available?

Next to these items, you’ll need to consider tomato varieties and which one is good for you to plant. Once, you know your space, size, and lighting. You’ll need to know what category works best.

Which Category Works Best

Let’s talk about indeterminate and determinate. Indeterminate tomatoes keep growing and grow all season long. Determinate usually stops producing tomatoes once the plant sets tomatoes. The biggest benefit of determination is that they grow and produce faster.

Great, we know what we have for space and lighting!

For spaces that are open and full of sun, you’ve got it easy! Really, beyond soil and watering, you should be able to grow something wonderful! Take a look at some variations available below that would be well suited to most climate regions.

If you are like some people and have a limited area to grow, I would highly recommend growing a dwarf variety.

Dwarf – This variety is durable and only reaches three to four feet tall. Excellent for being in a pot, these dwarf tomatoes grow to about cherry tomato-sized and sometimes larger. Check out these determinate dwarf varieties:

Here are some indeterminate dwarf cherry tomato-sized tomato varieties that can produce for the whole season (some grow larger tomatoes than dwarf – but the tomato plant stays under 3 to 4 feet in height:

If you have ample space and are looking for some larger tomato varieties to grow, consider these indeterminate options:

Big Beef: Known for its exceptional flavor, Big Beef produces large, meaty tomatoes that are perfect for slicing and sandwiches.

Brandywine: A popular heirloom variety, Brandywine offers large, sweet, and slightly tangy tomatoes with a unique pinkish-red color.

Cherokee Purple: Another beloved heirloom, Cherokee Purple yields large, dark-purple tomatoes with a rich, complex flavor.

Black Krim: This unique variety produces large, dark, brownish-red tomatoes with a distinctive, smoky flavor.

Sun Gold: If you’re a fan of sweet, tangy cherry tomatoes, Sun Gold is an excellent choice. These golden-orange tomatoes are incredibly flavorful and perfect for snacking.

Mortgage Lifter: As the name suggests, Mortgage Lifter is a prolific producer of large, tasty tomatoes. It’s an heirloom variety with a fascinating history.

Once you’ve chosen the tomato varieties that best suit your space, light, and preferences, it’s time to get planting! Whether you opt for cherry-sized dwarf tomatoes for your patio or large, juicy heirlooms for your backyard garden, growing tomatoes can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Remember to provide adequate support for indeterminate varieties, such as stakes, cages, or trellises, as they can grow tall and benefit from some guidance. Water consistently and ensure your tomatoes receive enough sunlight to thrive.

Happy gardening, and may your tomato harvest be bountiful and delicious!

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