Gardening Pumpkins

Best companion plants to grow with pumpkins

marigold companion plants

When growing pumpkins you want to make sure you have the best companion plants in order to grow the best pumpkin plants you can grow.

Here are the best companion plants that can help grow your best pumpkins by improving pollination, deterring pests, and providing beneficial microclimates. Here are some plants that can be beneficial when grown alongside pumpkins:

  1. Marigolds: Marigolds have a strong scent that repels many pests, including nematodes, aphids, and squash bugs. Planting marigolds around your pumpkin patch can help deter these unwanted insects.
  2. Nasturtiums: Nasturtiums are known for repelling pests such as aphids, squash bugs, and beetles. They also attract pollinators, which can help improve the pumpkin’s fruit set.
  3. Borage: Borage is an excellent companion plant for pumpkins as it attracts bees, essential for pollinating pumpkin flowers. It also helps repel pests like hornworms and cabbage worms.
  4. Corn: Planting corn alongside pumpkins can provide a natural trellis for the vines to climb. The tall stalks can offer some shade and protection to the pumpkin plants, as well as create a visually appealing garden setting.
  5. Beans: Beans, especially pole beans, can provide a vertical structure for pumpkin vines to climb. The combination of pumpkins and beans is known as the “Three Sisters” planting technique, where corn, beans, and squash (including pumpkins) are grown together. Beans fix nitrogen in the soil, benefiting the overall health and growth of the pumpkin plants.
  6. Sunflowers: Sunflowers can act as a windbreak for pumpkins, protecting them from strong winds. Their tall stalks can provide shade and create a microclimate that helps retain moisture in the soil.

When choosing the best companion plants, consider their growth habits, sunlight requirements, and compatibility with pumpkins. Ensure proper spacing between plants to avoid overcrowding and competition for resources. Additionally, practicing good gardening practices such as regular watering, mulching, and proper fertilization will contribute to the successful growth of pumpkins and their companion plants.

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