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Best companion plants for broccoli in fall Texas

broccoli heads

When planning the best companion plants for broccoli in Texas during the fall season. I would try out Di Ciccio Broccoli it is a versatile heirloom variety that can be planted in both spring and fall. It forms multiple smaller heads instead of one large head, making it suitable for continuous harvest. It’s essential to consider plants that offer benefits such as pest control, nutrient enhancement, or physical support. Here are some excellent companion plants for broccoli in fall Texas:

  1. Marigolds: These flowers emit a strong scent that repels common pests like aphids, cabbage worms, and nematodes, which can be problematic for broccoli. Plant marigolds around the edges of your broccoli patch or between rows.
  2. Dill: Dill attracts beneficial insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, and wasps, which prey on pests like aphids and caterpillars. These beneficial insects can help control common broccoli pests. Plant dill near your broccoli plants.
  3. Nasturtiums: Nasturtiums are known for deterring aphids, whiteflies, and squash bugs. Their vibrant flowers also add color to your garden. Plant nasturtiums as a border or intersperse them throughout your broccoli patch.
  4. Radishes: Radishes serve as a trap crop, attracting flea beetles away from broccoli. Flea beetles tend to prefer radish leaves, so planting radishes alongside your broccoli can help protect it from damage. The radishes also help break up the soil with their roots, improving overall soil structure.
  5. Lettuce or Spinach: These leafy greens can provide shade to the base of the broccoli plants, helping to keep the soil cool and moist. They also act as living mulch, suppressing weed growth and conserving moisture.
  6. Celery: (In Texas try Celery Tall Utah) Celery releases compounds that repel pests like aphids and cabbage worms. Plant celery near your broccoli to take advantage of its pest-repelling properties.
  7. Borage: Borage is an attractive flowering herb that attracts pollinators to your garden. It also deters pests like tomato hornworms and cabbage worms. Plant borage near your broccoli to attract beneficial insects.

Remember to consider the growth habits and spacing requirements of the companion plants to ensure they do not shade or overcrowd the broccoli plants. Additionally, provide adequate spacing between the broccoli and companion plants to allow air circulation and prevent the spread of diseases.

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